Five Little Known Secrets of How to Seduce a Woman

Published: 21st March 2011
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To the uneducated, the process of seducing a woman can seem intimidating, if not downright terrifying. Fortunately, with the use of a few basic pieces of knowledge any man can put this fear aside and successfully attract any woman he desires. These are five little known secrets to turn a woman to putty in your hands.

First, make sure you set aside time each day to show her you are thinking of her. With the rushed lifestyle of many lead today, it is very easy for a couple to have difficulty finding time to be together. While chances are good that you will not be able to spend time together in person every day, a phone call or an e-mail to let her know you are thinking about her can go a long way. Remember, calling her when you have five minutes on your lunch break to say hello will be infinitly more precious to her than spending hours at the symphony.

Buy her small gifts on a regular basis. While diamond necklaces for an anniversary are nice, a batch of wildflowers picked from the side of the road will be just as attractive, and show a spontaneity to your nature when it comes to pleasing her. Gifts related to her interests and needs will go even farther to attract her; many are the woman who have found their hearts plopping on the floor to the man who brought them a puppy, or a book they have been searching for but unable to find. A gift that she didn't even know she wanted shows you are attentive to her desires, and always thinking about her.

When you are together, touch her often in a non-sexual way. Most women are very physical, sensual creatures, and simply being held can be very seductive. It causes her to associate your touch with pleasure, an essential step in furthering a physical relationship. Massaging the back and feet are an excellent form of physical contact; however, a simple hug, wrapping your arms around her while you walk or sit or holding her hand are equally important.

If you can, speak to her in another language. It has long been noted that women are attracted to foreign men, and a large reason for this is the mystery involved. A man speaking in another language offers promises of foreign lands and new experiences; however, be very careful that you know what you're saying, particularly if she understands the language as well. No woman is going to be seduced by accidentally being called a fat pig in the heat of the moment!

Finally, show her that you have passion for her. As women are attracted to a strong man, they also love to know that they can make a strong man tremble with desire for them. Be sure that your kisses relay meaning and passion. Engage in romantic trysts at all hours of the day, in various locations (there is a reason that office relations are so widely spoken of!). A hint of the forbidden can make it even more exciting, and shows her you can desire her to the point of being out of control.

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